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Ironstone chamber pot & lid (WC)Ironstone chamber pot & lid (WC)
Wood Cheese Box with lid (LIV) 1111Wood Cheese Box with lid (LIV) 1111
Ironstone Ladle (ERG)Ironstone Ladle (ERG)
Ironstone Ladle (ERG)Ironstone Ladle (ERG)
Egg Scale by National (JAS)Egg Scale by National (JAS)
Creamer can Thermos (WC)Creamer can Thermos (WC)
Galvanized Round Washtub (as Found) (Jas)Galvanized Round Washtub (as Found) (Jas)
White Tote (HF3)White Tote (HF3)
2 piece Graniteware Cup w/lid (SON)2 piece Graniteware Cup w/lid (SON)
Wooden Masher (LIV) 159Wooden Masher (LIV) 159
"Prospect Dairy" Milk Crate (JAS)
Vintage Wire Grocery Basket (RB)Vintage Wire Grocery Basket (RB)
"Posted" No Hunting Sign (TIM)"Posted" No Hunting Sign (TIM)
"Botanical Flora" Metal Sign (TIM)"Botanical Flora" Metal Sign (TIM)
Antique Chopper (JAS)Antique Chopper (JAS)
Vintage Basket (LIV) (63)Vintage Basket (LIV) (63)
Brass Spittoon (NS)Brass Spittoon (NS)
Pint Berry Basket (RB)Pint Berry Basket (RB)
Wood Carrier (YVO)Wood Carrier (YVO)
Galvanized Mop Wringer Pail (RHA)Galvanized Mop Wringer Pail (RHA)
19th Century Dough Box (M2)19th Century Dough Box (M2)

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