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"Prestone" Anti-Freeze Tin (DR)"Prestone" Anti-Freeze Tin (DR)
1936 Ontario License Plates Pair (DR)1936 Ontario License Plates Pair (DR)
1961 Ford Thunderbird Tin Car (DR)1961 Ford Thunderbird Tin Car (DR)
6 Packages of Supertest Matches (DR)6 Packages of Supertest Matches (DR)
Aylmer Apples Can (DR)Aylmer Apples Can (DR)
Aylmer Bean Can (DR)Aylmer Bean Can (DR)
B A Motor Oil Tin Durafilm (DR)B A Motor Oil Tin Durafilm (DR)
Banda 1960's Tin Cadillac (DR)Banda 1960's Tin Cadillac (DR)
Beamsville Dairy Milk Bottle (DR)Beamsville Dairy Milk Bottle (DR)
Bee Hive Corn Syrup Can (DR)Bee Hive Corn Syrup Can (DR)
Blue Streak Boat Wind up Tin Toy (DR)Blue Streak Boat Wind up Tin Toy (DR)
BP Outboard Oil Tin (DR)BP Outboard Oil Tin (DR)
Brass Bell (DR)Brass Bell (DR)
Brass Clown Figure (DR)Brass Clown Figure (DR)
C.P.R. Insulator (DR)C.P.R. Insulator (DR)
Cast Iron Ladle (DR)Cast Iron Ladle (DR)
Cast Lion Door Knocker (DR)Cast Lion Door Knocker (DR)
Caswell Dairy Ice Cream Menu (DR)Caswell Dairy Ice Cream Menu (DR)
Central Dairy Ltd Bottle (DR)Central Dairy Ltd Bottle (DR)
Checkers Cut Plug Tobacco Tin (DR)Checkers Cut Plug Tobacco Tin (DR)
Chintz Cup and Saucer (DR)Chintz Cup and Saucer (DR)
Cockshutt White Collector Glass (DR)Cockshutt White Collector Glass (DR)

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