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Rhinestone Necklace (LIND) (I293)
14k Earrings14k Earrings
Birks Sterling CompactBirks Sterling Compact
Essex WatchEssex Watch
10Kt.Gold Diamond Ring (MIC) 227310Kt.Gold Diamond Ring (MIC) 2273
Sherman Earrings (LIND) D 74Sherman Earrings (LIND) D 74
Fancy Hand Mirror (Lind) D61Fancy Hand Mirror (Lind) D61
Yellow Gold Diamond Ring (MIC) 1497Yellow Gold Diamond Ring (MIC) 1497
Cloisonné Cat Earrings (LIND) E28Cloisonné Cat Earrings (LIND) E28
Rhinestone Bear Brooch (LIND) N300Rhinestone Bear Brooch (LIND) N300
Red Hat Pin {Lind) E13Red Hat Pin {Lind) E13
Dog Pin {Lind) c353Dog Pin {Lind) c353
10 kt Gold Chain (MIC)190910 kt Gold Chain (MIC)1909
14Kt Gold and Diamond Ring (MIC)14Kt Gold and Diamond Ring (MIC)

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