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Snuff BoxSnuff Box
Medicine bottle (JAS)
Wampole Medicine bottle (JAS)Wampole Medicine bottle (JAS)
1967 Ontario License Plates Pair (JAS)1967 Ontario License Plates Pair (JAS)
Chesterfield Cigarette Tin (JAS)Chesterfield Cigarette Tin (JAS)
Ink well Glass insert (JAS)
Ink well Glass insert (JAS)
Selangor Pewter Ashtray (M2) 742Selangor Pewter Ashtray (M2) 742
Alabaster Parrot Ashtray (ZQ) 491Alabaster Parrot Ashtray (ZQ) 491
Very Large metal Cow Bell (JL)Very Large metal Cow Bell (JL)
Norwich Historical 1979 Ashtray (JAS)Norwich Historical 1979 Ashtray (JAS)
Advertising Compass (Son)Advertising Compass (Son)
Dodge Fargo Trucks Button (Son)Dodge Fargo Trucks Button (Son)
Set of Tarot Cards (SON)Set of Tarot Cards (SON)
WW1 Czech Mauser Boyonet with ScabbardWW1 Czech Mauser Boyonet with Scabbard
Battle Relic USA Bayonet (JAS)Battle Relic USA Bayonet (JAS)
French Bayonet WW 1. (JAS)French Bayonet WW 1. (JAS)
Bayonet Late 1800's (JAS)Bayonet Late 1800's (JAS)
British Bayonet Modified 1860 (JAS)British Bayonet Modified 1860 (JAS)
A vintage Glover's Dairy Carton (JAS)A vintage Glover's Dairy Carton (JAS)
Vintage Road Sign MPH (TIM) 2210
Vintage Road Sign 12 ton (TIM) 2211

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