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Snuff BoxSnuff Box
WW1 Canadian Military Cap Badge (JL)WW1 Canadian Military Cap Badge (JL)
Nugold Oil Can (JAS)Nugold Oil Can (JAS)
Ontario Farm License plate
Ontario 1951 License plate
Enamel Ashtray (LIV) 1351Enamel Ashtray (LIV) 1351
Grand Trunk Railway (DR)Grand Trunk Railway (DR)
Mountie Bear Chalk ware Bank (TT) 63Mountie Bear Chalk ware Bank (TT) 63
Royal Oak Milk Bottle (JAS)Royal Oak Milk Bottle (JAS)
Stubby Pop bottle (JAS)Stubby Pop bottle (JAS)
Oak Collectors Cabinet (ST)Oak Collectors Cabinet (ST)
Biltmore Hat Miniature (JAS)Biltmore Hat Miniature (JAS)
Chevy Buckle with Leather belt (JAS)Chevy Buckle with Leather belt (JAS)
Antique Cast Iron Door Stop (M2) (154)Antique Cast Iron Door Stop (M2) (154)
WW2 Pilot Seat, (US2)WW2 Pilot Seat, (US2)
Vintage Suitcase (YVO) (108)Vintage Suitcase (YVO) (108)
Timmons Dairy Half Pint bottle (JAS)Timmons Dairy Half Pint bottle (JAS)

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