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"Prospect Dairy" Milk Crate (JAS)
1967 Ontario License Plates Pair (JAS)1967 Ontario License Plates Pair (JAS)
1982 Coke Tray (JAS)1982 Coke Tray (JAS)
2 Rung Ladder (JAS)2 Rung Ladder (JAS)
4 Gal Heart Storage Crock (JAS)4 Gal Heart Storage Crock (JAS)
6 Dark Blue Cabinet Knobs6 Dark Blue Cabinet Knobs
7 Up Metal Sign (W729)7 Up Metal Sign (W729)
A barn Door Hinges. (JAS)
A Bicycle Lamp (JAS)A Bicycle Lamp (JAS)
A Glass Candy Jar (JAS)A Glass Candy Jar (JAS)
A large Pottery Pitcher (JAS)A large Pottery Pitcher (JAS)
A pair of Medicine bottles (JAS)A pair of Medicine bottles (JAS)
A vintage Kitchen Tool (JAS)A vintage Kitchen Tool (JAS)
A vintage Union Jack Parasol (JAS)A vintage Union Jack Parasol (JAS)
Amber Poison Bottle (JAS)Amber Poison Bottle (JAS)
Ames 282 Thickness Gauge (JAS)Ames 282 Thickness Gauge (JAS)
Amstel Beer Bar Sign (JAS)Amstel Beer Bar Sign (JAS)
Antique Boot Jack (JAS)Antique Boot Jack (JAS)
Antique Candle stick. (JAS)Antique Candle stick. (JAS)
Antique Cast Door Latch (JAS)Antique Cast Door Latch (JAS)
Antique Chopper (JAS)Antique Chopper (JAS)
Antique Clock Door (JAS)Antique Clock Door (JAS)

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