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2 Gal Crock (JAS)2 Gal Crock (JAS)
3 Gal Pottery Crock.(JAS)3 Gal Pottery Crock.(JAS)
6 Large R.C.A.F Brass buttons (JAS)
7 Up Metal Sign (W729)7 Up Metal Sign (W729)
8 small R.C.A.F silver buttons (JAS)
8 small R.C.A.F. Buttons (Jas)8 small R.C.A.F. Buttons (Jas)
A barn Door Hinges. (JAS)
A large Pottery Pitcher (JAS)A large Pottery Pitcher (JAS)
A vintage Union Jack Parasol (JAS)A vintage Union Jack Parasol (JAS)
Amber Kings Crown Goblets
Antique Boot Jack (JAS)Antique Boot Jack (JAS)
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Antique Brass Candle Stick (JAS)Antique Brass Candle Stick (JAS)
Antique Bridge Lamp (Jas)Antique Bridge Lamp (Jas)
Antique Chopper (JAS)Antique Chopper (JAS)
Antique Clock Door (JAS)Antique Clock Door (JAS)
Antique collanderAntique collander
Antique copper Kettle (JAS)Antique copper Kettle (JAS)
Antique Curling Iron (JAS)Antique Curling Iron (JAS)
Antique Food Chopper (Jas)Antique Food Chopper (Jas)
Antique Glass Salt Pepper (JAS)Antique Glass Salt Pepper (JAS)
Antique Ironstone Gravy Boat (JAS)Antique Ironstone Gravy Boat (JAS)
Antique Large Cup and Saucer (JAS)Saucer has a chip.
Antique Plant Seeder (JAS)Antique Plant Seeder (JAS)
Antique Square Bottle (JAS)Antique Square Bottle (JAS)

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