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Antique Metal Pulley (JAS)Antique Metal Pulley (JAS)
Door Lock and Knob Set (JAS)Door Lock and Knob Set (JAS)
Old toolbox (FISH) (421)Old toolbox (FISH) (421)
Wire Lever Oil Can (LOR) 123Wire Lever Oil Can (LOR) 123
Small Copper Oil can (SON)Small Copper Oil can (SON)
"KPA March" Gauge (GBZ)"KPA March" Gauge (GBZ)
Wooden Pulley (ST}Wooden Pulley (ST}
Wooden Pulley (ST}Wooden Pulley (ST}
Cast Iron Tenderizing Hammer (JAS)Cast Iron Tenderizing Hammer (JAS)
Misc pieces of Hardware (JAS)
Wooden Spool Part (JH49)Wooden Spool Part (JH49)
"KPA Marsh" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)"KPA Marsh" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)
"Haenni" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)"Haenni" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)
Small Brass Fire Extinquisher (GBZ)Small Brass Fire Extinquisher (GBZ)
Cast Iron 5 pound Anchor (KAR)Cast Iron 5 pound Anchor (KAR)
Antique Wooden Mallet (JL)Antique Wooden Mallet (JL)
Cast Iron Smelting Scoop (DR)Cast Iron Smelting Scoop (DR)
Antique Scraper (DR)Antique Scraper (DR)
Solid Brass Latch (KH)Solid Brass Latch (KH)
Latch Pieces (KH)Latch Pieces (KH)

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