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The Handy Scale (JAS)The Handy Scale (JAS)
4 Brass Handles (JAS)
6 Brass Handles (JAS)6 Brass Handles (JAS)
Heavy Metal Whipple (JAS)Heavy Metal Whipple (JAS)
Cast Iron Tobacco Cutter (JL)Cast Iron Tobacco Cutter (JL)
Metal Door knobs set (JAS)Metal Door knobs set (JAS)
Sausage Stuffer (JAS)Sausage Stuffer (JAS)
Antique Chopper (JAS)Antique Chopper (JAS)
Torcan Metal Fan (DEB)Torcan Metal Fan (DEB)
Vintage Torcan Fan (TT)Vintage Torcan Fan (TT)
Brass Door Knob set (M2) 552Brass Door Knob set (M2) 552
Cast Antique Hook (JAS)Cast Antique Hook (JAS)
Large Clock Key (MIC) 1926Large Clock Key (MIC) 1926
Brass Torch (Fish) 820Brass Torch (Fish) 820
Supermatic Cigarette maker (JAS)Supermatic Cigarette maker (JAS)
Cast Iron Hook (JAS)Cast Iron Hook (JAS)
Antique Cast Door Latch (JAS)Antique Cast Door Latch (JAS)
Art Deco Door Plates (JAS)Art Deco Door Plates (JAS)
A vintage Kitchen Tool (JAS)A vintage Kitchen Tool (JAS)
Antique wood Beam Drill (JAS)Antique wood Beam Drill (JAS)
Vintage Wooden Handle Chopper (JAS)Vintage Wooden Handle Chopper (JAS)
Vintage Wooden Handle Chopper (JAS)Vintage Wooden Handle Chopper (JAS)
Boston Pencil Sharpener (TRE)Boston Pencil Sharpener (TRE)

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