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Antique Mystery Tool (JAS)Antique Mystery Tool (JAS)
Antique Food Chopper (JH49)Antique Food Chopper (JH49)
Brass Key (JAS)Brass Key (JAS)
Fishing Knife (JAS)Fishing Knife (JAS)
Fishing Knife (JAS)Fishing Knife (JAS)
Antique Set of Scissors (DEB)Antique Set of Scissors (DEB)
Antique hack Saw Wooden Handle (JAS)Antique hack Saw Wooden Handle (JAS)
Antique Saw Wooden Handle (JAS)Antique Saw Wooden Handle (JAS)
Brass Torch (Fish) 820Brass Torch (Fish) 820
Brass Door Knob set (M2) 552Brass Door Knob set (M2) 552
Leather Punch (JAS)Leather Punch (JAS)
Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1545Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1545
Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1544Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1544
Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1546Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1546
Cast Wall hook Fish (RR)Cast Wall hook Fish (RR)
Small Scale (JAS)Small Scale (JAS)
Darning tool (JAS)
Ertl Ford Tractor model (RAE)Ertl Ford Tractor model (RAE)
Large Cast Ice Tongs (JAS)Large Cast Ice Tongs (JAS)
Vintage Glass Cutter (JAS)Vintage Glass Cutter (JAS)
Sheffield England Woodworking PlaneSheffield England Woodworking Plane

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