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Vintage Hand Receiver (JAS)Vintage Hand Receiver (JAS)
Rare Bell Canada Line Tool (JAS)Rare Bell Canada Line Tool (JAS)
Cabinet Key (JAS)Cabinet Key (JAS)
Solid Brass Yale Lock (US2)Solid Brass Yale Lock (US2)
Multi Facet Crystal Door Knob (JAS)Multi Facet Crystal Door Knob (JAS)
4 Brass Handles (JAS)
6 Brass Handles (JAS)6 Brass Handles (JAS)
Heavy Metal Whipple (JAS)Heavy Metal Whipple (JAS)
Brass Door Knob set (M2) 552Brass Door Knob set (M2) 552
Brass Torch (Fish) 820Brass Torch (Fish) 820
Supermatic Cigarette maker (JAS)Supermatic Cigarette maker (JAS)
Ames 282 Thickness Gauge (JAS)Ames 282 Thickness Gauge (JAS)
Misc pieces of Hardware (JAS)
Silver Handle #29Silver Handle #29
Silver Handle #30Silver Handle #30

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