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1936 Singer Sewing Machine (NS) 30201936 Singer Sewing Machine (NS) 3020
Washstand/Cabinet (YVO) (301)Washstand/Cabinet (YVO) (301)
Pine cupboard (RR)Pine cupboard (RR)
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Custom Made Bench (EME)
Hand made Bench from Antique bed (RB)Hand made Bench from Antique bed (RB)
Corner China CabinetCorner China Cabinet
Vintage Washstand (GEC)Vintage Washstand (GEC)
Farmhouse Chippy Table (RB)Farmhouse Chippy Table (RB)
Single Drawer Side Board Vanity (RB)Single Drawer Side Board Vanity (RB)
Antique Dresser and Mirror (WDV) 379Antique Dresser and Mirror (WDV) 379
Hand Carved Wood Chest {K} (WDV) 432Hand Carved Wood Chest {K} (WDV) 432
White 3 drawer dresser (COL #0476)White 3 drawer dresser (COL #0476)
Hall Table (YVO) (211)Hall Table (YVO) (211)
Oak China Cabinet (LOR) 954Oak China Cabinet (LOR) 954
Antique Steamer Trunk (NUR) 8409Antique Steamer Trunk (NUR) 8409
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Painted Dresser (YVO) (211)Painted Dresser (YVO) (211)
Custom Finished Dresser (LOR) 683Custom Finished Dresser (LOR) 683
Child's Retro Table (Fish)Child's Retro Table (Fish)
Antique Rocking Chair (GEC) F1007Antique Rocking Chair (GEC) F1007

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