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McMaster Pottery Port DoverMcMaster Pottery Port Dover
Stoneware Crock with Blue Stripe (OH)Stoneware Crock with Blue Stripe (OH)
West Germany Vase "Scheurich" (RHA)West Germany Vase "Scheurich" (RHA)
West German Luster vase (RHA)West German Luster vase (RHA)
9" Rockingham Glazed Pitcher9" Rockingham Glazed Pitcher
Stoneware Crock (JAS)Stoneware Crock (JAS)
F. P. Goold BrantfordF. P. Goold Brantford
Stoneware Brown slip Bottle (JAS)Stoneware Brown slip Bottle (JAS)
Welding Belding Brantford brown glazeWelding Belding Brantford brown glaze
Brantford Stoneware 3 gal CrockBrantford Stoneware 3 gal Crock
Antique Two Tone JugAntique Two Tone Jug
Antique Two-Tone JugAntique Two-Tone Jug
Antique Two-Tone JugAntique Two-Tone Jug
3 Gal Medicine Hat Pottery Crock.(JL)3 Gal Medicine Hat Pottery Crock.(JL)
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Merchant Pottery Jug Picton (Jas)Merchant Pottery Jug Picton (Jas)
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Frankoma Wagon Wheel Pottery Jug (DMG) 7901Frankoma Wagon Wheel Pottery Jug (DMG) 7901
Handmade Pottery Bowl (JH49)Handmade Pottery Bowl (JH49)
Ironstone Platter (RB)Ironstone Platter (RB)
Piccadilly circus Jug (JAS)Piccadilly circus Jug (JAS)

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