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14k Earrings14k Earrings
A Copper CoolerA Copper Cooler
Antinque Hinged Box (NUR) (4693)Antinque Hinged Box (NUR) (4693)
Antique Corbel (NUR) 767Antique Corbel (NUR) 767
Bohemian Smokey Glass Egg (NUR 5236)Bohemian Smokey Glass Egg (NUR 5236)
Coca Cola Yo Yo (NUR) R11Coca Cola Yo Yo (NUR) R11
English Transferware Vase (NUR) 5705English Transferware Vase (NUR) 5705
Gravy Boat and Plate (NUR)Gravy Boat and Plate (NUR)
Retro Pitcher (NUR) (S407)Retro Pitcher (NUR) (S407)

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