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Folk Art Fish and Frog (JAS)Folk Art Fish and Frog (JAS)
Piggy Cutting Board 1949 (JAS)Piggy Cutting Board 1949 (JAS)
Wooden carved bowl Zebra (JAS)Wooden carved bowl Zebra (JAS)
Nature CarvingNature Carving
Neptune - Wall ArtNeptune - Wall Art
Folk Art Summer Crow, (TIM) ( 2137)Folk Art Summer Crow, (TIM) ( 2137)
Carved Funky Bird (TIM) 2139Carved Funky Bird (TIM) 2139
Signed Wood Howling Coyote (ST)Signed Wood Howling Coyote (ST)
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Katherines Collection Jester (TRE) 43Katherines Collection Jester (TRE) 43
Folk Art Cat (GEC) (A378)Folk Art Cat (GEC) (A378)
Hand Carved Chickadee (DS) 1950Hand Carved Chickadee (DS) 1950
Carved Loon (JAS)Carved Loon (JAS)
Rug Hooking Grey Dog (BB)Rug Hooking Grey Dog (BB)
Road Runner By Dave Hughes (MIC) 2499Road Runner By Dave Hughes (MIC) 2499
Cutting Board Duck (JH49)Cutting Board Duck (JH49)
Duck Carving mounted. (M2) #860Duck Carving mounted. (M2) #860
Duck Decoy (RR) ADuck Decoy (RR) A
Wooden Carved DuckWooden Carved Duck
Carved Head Ashtray (Jas)Carved Head Ashtray (Jas)
Soapstone Carving (TRE)Soapstone Carving (TRE)
Folk art hand carved jointed horseFolk art hand carved jointed horse
Hand Made Match Holder (JAS)Hand Made Match Holder (JAS)
Large Hand Carved Eagle (DEB)Large Hand Carved Eagle (DEB)

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