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Duck Decoy w/ Glass Eyes and Lead Float (YVO)Duck Decoy w/ Glass Eyes and Lead Float (YVO)
Small Amish Couple (RJP)Small Amish Couple (RJP)
Large Amish Couple (RJP)Large Amish Couple (RJP)
Signed Carved Bird (JL)Signed Carved Bird (JL)
African Mask (RJP) (5)African Mask (RJP) (5)
Mexican Tin Folk Art Stand (RJP) (5)Mexican Tin Folk Art Stand (RJP) (5)
Folk Art Cat (GEC) (A378)Folk Art Cat (GEC) (A378)
String of 8 Hand carved Fish (RJP)String of 8 Hand carved Fish (RJP)
Folk Art Summer Crow, (TIM) ( 2137)Folk Art Summer Crow, (TIM) ( 2137)
4 Nodding Turkey birds (RJP ) 54 Nodding Turkey birds (RJP ) 5
Folk Art Cat Stand *(RJP) 3Folk Art Cat Stand *(RJP) 3
Mexican Wood Carved Angel (RJP) (5)Mexican Wood Carved Angel (RJP) (5)
Carved Folk Art Bag piper (YVO) 812Carved Folk Art Bag piper (YVO) 812
1867 Bird (reproduction) (MEB)1867 Bird (reproduction) (MEB)
Carved Funky Bird (TIM) 2139Carved Funky Bird (TIM) 2139
Sitar (AS Found) (GBZ)Sitar (AS Found) (GBZ)
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Katherines Collection Jester (TRE) 43Katherines Collection Jester (TRE) 43
Wood Handmade Canada Flag (TIM)
Carved Loon (JAS)Carved Loon (JAS)

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