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Hen on Nest Roaster (TRE)Hen on Nest Roaster (TRE)
Antique Scissors (JAS)Antique Scissors (JAS)
Edison Record Cylinder (JAS)Edison Record Cylinder (JAS)
Vintage Torcan Fan (JAS)Vintage Torcan Fan (JAS)
Vintage Small Cast Cauldron (JAS)Vintage Small Cast Cauldron (JAS)
Hand Painted Oil Lamp (JAS)Hand Painted Oil Lamp (JAS)
Oil Lamp (JAS) With boxOil Lamp (JAS) With box
glazed Pottery Cup (JAS)glazed Pottery Cup (JAS)
Dinky Ambulance (NS)Dinky Ambulance (NS)
Happy Thanksgiving Wall Sign (EME)
Fall Wreath (RB)Fall Wreath (RB)
Blue Fenton Vase (YVO) (109)Blue Fenton Vase (YVO) (109)
Autumn Lap Quilt (RB)Autumn Lap Quilt (RB)
Double Bedspread Chenille (KAR)Double Bedspread Chenille (KAR)
Copper / Brass Pot (KAR)Copper / Brass Pot (KAR)
Cerutil Stoneware dish (YVO)Cerutil Stoneware dish (YVO)
Small Pottery Crock (JAS)Small Pottery Crock (JAS)
Glass Basket With Fruit (DS) 1571Glass Basket With Fruit (DS) 1571

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