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A vintage coffee grinder (DMG) 7447A vintage coffee grinder (DMG) 7447
Amber Art Glass Bowl (7143) (DMG)Amber Art Glass Bowl (7143) (DMG)
Amber Splash Bowl (DMG) (6929)Amber Splash Bowl (DMG) (6929)
Amberina Glass Pitcher (DMG) 6743Amberina Glass Pitcher (DMG) 6743
Ammo Box (DMG) 6749Ammo Box (DMG) 6749
Beaver Qt Jar (Dmg)(W710) 5284Beaver Qt Jar (Dmg)(W710) 5284
Budweiser Beer Clock (DMG) 7110Budweiser Beer Clock (DMG) 7110
Cast iron frying panCast iron frying pan
Cast Iron Grilling Pan (DMG ) # 6976Cast Iron Grilling Pan (DMG ) # 6976
Filet Knife (DMG) 6293Filet Knife (DMG) 6293
Frog Mechanical Bank (DMG) 6446Frog Mechanical Bank (DMG) 6446
Hen With Chicks On Nest (DMG) 7461Hen With Chicks On Nest (DMG) 7461
Large Blue Over pink Vase (DMG) 6022Large Blue Over pink Vase (DMG) 6022
Large Wood Cane 4905 (DMG)Large Wood Cane 4905 (DMG)

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