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Santini Italy Figure (ST)Santini Italy Figure (ST)
Santini Italy Figure (ST)Santini Italy Figure (ST)
White Cat (JAS)White Cat (JAS)
German Shepherd Figure (ST)German Shepherd Figure (ST)
Colin Kellam Spaniel Figure (ST)Colin Kellam Spaniel Figure (ST)
Owl Figure (JAS)Owl Figure (JAS)
Goebel Chipmunk (ST)Goebel Chipmunk (ST)
Goebel Eagle (ST)Goebel Eagle (ST)
Goebel Chihuahua (ST)Goebel Chihuahua (ST)
Treasure Moment Figure (DMG) 6625Treasure Moment Figure (DMG) 6625
Hallohaza Birds (Deb)Hallohaza Birds (Deb)
The Cobbler Royal DoultonThe Cobbler Royal Doulton
Royal Doulton Birds (DEB)Royal Doulton Birds (DEB)
Shawnee Bride and Groom Planter (JH49)Shawnee Bride and Groom Planter (JH49)
Walt Disney Dog (JL)Walt Disney Dog (JL)
Bossom Head Dog (JL)Bossom Head Dog (JL)

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