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Royal Doulton "Pensive " (DEB)Royal Doulton "Pensive " (DEB)
Beswick Siamese Cat (BS)Beswick Siamese Cat (BS)
Beswick Siamese Cat (BS) 1558Beswick Siamese Cat (BS) 1558
Siamese Cat (RHA)Siamese Cat (RHA)
A Royal Doulton Bunnykins (M2) #998A Royal Doulton Bunnykins (M2) #998
USSR catUSSR cat
Small Goebel Cow (LIND) D652Small Goebel Cow (LIND) D652
Cat with Ball Small Figure (DEB)Cat with Ball Small Figure (DEB)
Beswick Small Pony (DEB)Beswick Small Pony (DEB)
Beswick Pony (DEB)Beswick Pony (DEB)
Royal Doulton "Lambing Time " (DEB)Royal Doulton "Lambing Time " (DEB)
Hummel "Street Singer" (YVO) 210Hummel "Street Singer" (YVO) 210
Hobo Cast Metal Figure (JAS)Hobo Cast Metal Figure (JAS)

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