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Goebel Bulldog Figure (M2) #16Goebel Bulldog Figure (M2) #16
Sandy and Jean Wall pockets (JH49)Sandy and Jean Wall pockets (JH49)
Royal Doulton Fair Maiden (DEB)Royal Doulton Fair Maiden (DEB)
Royal Doulton Katherine (NS) #187Royal Doulton Katherine (NS) #187
Royal Doulton (LIND) (M159)Royal Doulton (LIND) (M159)
Metal Horses (MHS)Metal Horses (MHS)
Beswick Pottery "Tom Kitten" (DEB)Beswick Pottery "Tom Kitten" (DEB)
Blue Mountain Pottery Fox (RHA)Blue Mountain Pottery Fox (RHA)
Royal Doulton Toby Old Charlie (YVO) 109Royal Doulton Toby Old Charlie (YVO) 109
Royal Doulton (YVO) (109)Royal Doulton (YVO) (109)
Burleigh Ironstone McMicawber (DEB)Burleigh Ironstone McMicawber (DEB)
Royal Doulton "Pensive " (DEB)Royal Doulton "Pensive " (DEB)
Bunnykins Flamenco (ST)Bunnykins Flamenco (ST)
Bunnykins Little Boy Blue (ST)Bunnykins Little Boy Blue (ST)

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