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Three fluted Light with Statue of Children (YVO)Three fluted Light with Statue of Children (YVO)
A pair of Aluminum Light FixturesA pair of Aluminum Light Fixtures
Airplane Lamp (ST)Airplane Lamp (ST)
Vintage Oil Lamp (JEF)Vintage Oil Lamp (JEF)
Konig Carriage Clock West GermanKonig Carriage Clock West German
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British Table Telephone (Yvo)British Table Telephone (Yvo)
Bakelite Wall Dial Phone. (WR)Bakelite Wall Dial Phone. (WR)
Smith Corona Portable Typewriter (GBZ)Smith Corona Portable Typewriter (GBZ)
Black Vintage Telephone (BS)Black Vintage Telephone (BS)
Black Dial Telephone (DR)Black Dial Telephone (DR)
Antique Bridge Lamp (Jas)Antique Bridge Lamp (Jas)
Marble Desk ClockMarble Desk Clock
Vintage Lamp (Priced Each) (YVO) (912)Vintage Lamp (Priced Each) (YVO) (912)
Boudoir Lamp (M2) (864)Boudoir Lamp (M2) (864)
Antique Floor Lamp (ST)Antique Floor Lamp (ST)
Gilbert Porcelain ClockGilbert Porcelain Clock

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