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Oil Lamp (JAS)Oil Lamp (JAS)
Oil Lamp with Wall Bracket (JAS)Oil Lamp with Wall Bracket (JAS)
Oil Lantern Finger style (RHA)Oil Lantern Finger style (RHA)
Antique Milk Glass Lamp (RHA)Antique Milk Glass Lamp (RHA)
Large Lantern Fixture No Guts (JAS)Large Lantern Fixture No Guts (JAS)
Miniature Oil Lantern with copper (JAS)Miniature Oil Lantern with copper (JAS)
Aladdin Oil lamp base (JAS)Aladdin Oil lamp base (JAS)
Finger Oil Lamp (GEC)Finger Oil Lamp (GEC)
Aladdin Model B Oil Lamp Base (JL)Aladdin Model B Oil Lamp Base (JL)
Press Glass Oil Lamp Base (JAS)Press Glass Oil Lamp Base (JAS)
Antique Glass Oil Lamp (JAS)Antique Glass Oil Lamp (JAS)
Beaded Top Chimney Shade Pie crust (SS)Beaded Top Chimney Shade Pie crust (SS)
Pie Crust top ChimneyPie Crust top Chimney
Antique Oil Lamp (TRE)Antique Oil Lamp (TRE)
Small Oil Lamp 1900Small Oil Lamp 1900
Metal lamp Finial (JAS)Metal lamp Finial (JAS)
Retro Desk Lamp (DEB)Retro Desk Lamp (DEB)
Dietz #20 Red Oil Lantern (TT) 746Dietz #20 Red Oil Lantern (TT) 746

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