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Vintage Telephone Hand Receiver (JAS)Vintage Telephone Hand Receiver (JAS)
Vintage Holiday Movie Camera (M2) 1216Vintage Holiday Movie Camera (M2) 1216
Areo Space Quartz Clock (M2) 1253Areo Space Quartz Clock (M2) 1253
A Sea Breeze Desk Fan (PHI) 258A Sea Breeze Desk Fan (PHI) 258
Sea Breeze Fan (PHI) 257Sea Breeze Fan (PHI) 257
Art Deco Clock (DEB)Art Deco Clock (DEB)
Vintage Clock (DEB)Vintage Clock (DEB)
A Vintage Ensign Camera (GEC) D1845A Vintage Ensign Camera (GEC) D1845
A Vintage Kodak Camera (GEC) D1849A Vintage Kodak Camera (GEC) D1849
Baby Ben Westclox Clock (JAS)Baby Ben Westclox Clock (JAS)
Candle Chandelier (DMG) (6751)Candle Chandelier (DMG) (6751)
Vintage Oil Lamp (JAS)Vintage Oil Lamp (JAS)
Antique Padlock (JL)Antique Padlock (JL)
Champion Brass Lock (JL)Champion Brass Lock (JL)
Porcelain Lamp Finial (Tre)Porcelain Lamp Finial (Tre)
Small alarm clock (Lind) j417Small alarm clock (Lind) j417
Oil Lamp (JAS)Oil Lamp (JAS)
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Three fluted Light with Statue of Children (YVO)Three fluted Light with Statue of Children (YVO)
A pair of Aluminum Light FixturesA pair of Aluminum Light Fixtures
Airplane Lamp (ST)Airplane Lamp (ST)

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