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"Bessie's Best Butter" Box, (DEB)"Bessie's Best Butter" Box, (DEB)
2A Buster Brown Camera w/ box (DEB)2A Buster Brown Camera w/ box (DEB)
3 - Dimension Viewer (DEB)3 - Dimension Viewer (DEB)
3 spaghetti Glasses (DEB)3 spaghetti Glasses (DEB)
6 Ruby and Gold Wine Glasses (DEB)6 Ruby and Gold Wine Glasses (DEB)
Allen's Toffee Tin (DEB)Allen's Toffee Tin (DEB)
Antique Granite ware Tea pot (DEB)Antique Granite ware Tea pot (DEB)
Antique Miniature Oil lamp (DEB)Antique Miniature Oil lamp (DEB)
Art Deco Desk Lamp (DEB)Art Deco Desk Lamp (DEB)
Art Deco Serving Stand (DEB)Art Deco Serving Stand (DEB)
Art Glass Iridescent Vase (Deb)Art Glass Iridescent Vase (Deb)
Art Glass Vase Swirl (DEB)Art Glass Vase Swirl (DEB)
Beswick Horse Matt Finish (DEB)Beswick Horse Matt Finish (DEB)
Beswick Pony (DEB)Beswick Pony (DEB)
Beswick Rearing Horse (DEB)Beswick Rearing Horse (DEB)
Black Beswick Horse (DEB)Black Beswick Horse (DEB)
Blue Cut Glass Bowl (DEB)Blue Cut Glass Bowl (DEB)
Brant Hotel Ashtray (DEB)Brant Hotel Ashtray (DEB)
Brantford Souvenir Boot (DEB)Brantford Souvenir Boot (DEB)

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