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1939 1945 Star Medal and Ribbon (JL)1939 1945 Star Medal and Ribbon (JL)
3 Gal Medicine Hat Pottery Crock.(JL)3 Gal Medicine Hat Pottery Crock.(JL)
A vintage Rondo Timer (JL)A vintage Rondo Timer (JL)
A&P Coffee Tin (JL)A&P Coffee Tin (JL)
Aladdin Heater Wick H210 (JL)Aladdin Heater Wick H210 (JL)
Aladdin Model B Oil Lamp Base (JL)Aladdin Model B Oil Lamp Base (JL)
Antique Biscuit barrel (JL)Antique Biscuit barrel (JL)
Antique Heavy Copper Bookends (JL)Antique Heavy Copper Bookends (JL)
Antique Polaris Ships Compass (JL)Antique Polaris Ships Compass (JL)
Antique Walden USA Pocket Knife (JL)Antique Walden USA Pocket Knife (JL)
Art Glass Bowl (JL)Art Glass Bowl (JL)
Austrian Crystal Brooch (JL)Austrian Crystal Brooch (JL)
Bamboo Cane

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