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1950's Pheasant Cocktail Shaker (lor) (366)1950's Pheasant Cocktail Shaker (lor) (366)
4 Depression Glass Desert Cups (LOR)4 Depression Glass Desert Cups (LOR)
Bohemian Glass Bell (LOR) 469Bohemian Glass Bell (LOR) 469
Brass Bell Wall mount (LOR) 418Brass Bell Wall mount (LOR) 418
Camera Brownie Hawkeye (LOR) (341)Camera Brownie Hawkeye (LOR) (341)
Custom Finished Dresser (LOR) 683Custom Finished Dresser (LOR) 683
Duck Covered Dish (LOR) 697Duck Covered Dish (LOR) 697
Graniteware Colander (LOR) 794Graniteware Colander (LOR) 794
Ironstone Pitcher (LOR) 890Ironstone Pitcher (LOR) 890
McClary's Barn Oil lantern (LOR) 893McClary's Barn Oil lantern (LOR) 893
Oak China Cabinet (LOR) 954Oak China Cabinet (LOR) 954
Queens Piper Tin (LOR)Queens Piper Tin (LOR)
Set of 4 Onyx Ashtrays (LOR) 475Set of 4 Onyx Ashtrays (LOR) 475
Tupperware Cream and Sugar (LOR)974Tupperware Cream and Sugar (LOR)974

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