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Shredded Wheat Crate (US2)Shredded Wheat Crate (US2)
4 Gal USA Crock (JAS)4 Gal USA Crock (JAS)
Light House Bird Feeder (JAS)Light House Bird Feeder (JAS)
Barn Lantern # 2 Air pilot (DS) 1973Barn Lantern # 2 Air pilot (DS) 1973
Dexter Cigar Cutter (LIV) 1501Dexter Cigar Cutter (LIV) 1501
Small Round Puppy Tin (JAS)Small Round Puppy Tin (JAS)
Poule AuPot French Tin (JAS)Poule AuPot French Tin (JAS)
Tuckett's Chewing Tobacco Box (JAS)Tuckett's Chewing Tobacco Box (JAS)
Military Fold up Shovel (JAS)Military Fold up Shovel (JAS)
Vintage cultivator (JAS)Vintage cultivator (JAS)
Small Round Oil Can (JAS)Small Round Oil Can (JAS)
Antique Wooden Plane (JAS)Antique Wooden Plane (JAS)
Wooden Handle Scythe (JAS)Wooden Handle Scythe (JAS)
wooden handle clippers (JAS)wooden handle clippers (JAS)
Enamel dish (JAS)Enamel dish (JAS)
Enamel dish (JAS)Enamel dish (JAS)
Drey Canning jar with Pegs (JAS)Drey Canning jar with Pegs (JAS)
Stoneware BottleStoneware Bottle
Piggy Cutting Board 1949 (JAS)Piggy Cutting Board 1949 (JAS)
Royal Albert C/S (DEB)Royal Albert C/S (DEB)

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