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"Haenni" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)"Haenni" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)
"KPA March" Gauge (GBZ)"KPA March" Gauge (GBZ)
"KPA Marsh" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)"KPA Marsh" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)
1950's Howdy Doody Tool Box, (GBZ)1950's Howdy Doody Tool Box, (GBZ)
American Bicentennial Radio, (GBZ)American Bicentennial Radio, (GBZ)
Antique Scribe (GBZ)Antique Scribe (GBZ)
Black LuggageBlack Luggage
Brass P:yrene Fire Extinquisher (GBZ)Brass P:yrene Fire Extinquisher (GBZ)
Brass torchBrass torch
Brass Torch (GBZ)Brass Torch (GBZ)
Brownie 8mm II Movie Camera (GBZ)Brownie 8mm II Movie Camera (GBZ)
Brownie 8mm Movie Camera (GBZ)Brownie 8mm Movie Camera (GBZ)
Disney lamp (GBZ)Disney lamp (GBZ)
Enamel Sauce Pan (GBZ)Enamel Sauce Pan (GBZ)
Fire helmet with visor and town logoFire helmet with visor and town logo
Greek clay oil lamp (GBZ)Greek clay oil lamp (GBZ)
Hank Snow Record. (GBZ)Hank Snow Record. (GBZ)
Kershaw Eight 20 Camera (GBZ)Kershaw Eight 20 Camera (GBZ)
Large Carpenters Scribe (GBZ)Large Carpenters Scribe (GBZ)
Large Metal Oil Lamp (GBZ)Large Metal Oil Lamp (GBZ)
Pair of Duck Bookends (GBZ)Pair of Duck Bookends (GBZ)
Quaker State Tin (GBZ)Quaker State Tin (GBZ)

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