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"Haenni" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)"Haenni" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)
"KPA March" Gauge (GBZ)"KPA March" Gauge (GBZ)
"KPA Marsh" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)"KPA Marsh" Pressure Gauge (GBZ)
American Bicentennial Radio, (GBZ)American Bicentennial Radio, (GBZ)
Black LuggageBlack Luggage
Brass P:yrene Fire Extinquisher (GBZ)Brass P:yrene Fire Extinquisher (GBZ)
Brass torchBrass torch
Brass Torch (GBZ)Brass Torch (GBZ)
Ceramic Buddha Bust (GBZ)Ceramic Buddha Bust (GBZ)
Clix Deluxe bakelite camera (GBZ)12940Clix Deluxe bakelite camera (GBZ)12940
Folk art hand carved jointed horseFolk art hand carved jointed horse
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Greek clay oil lamp (GBZ)Greek clay oil lamp (GBZ)
Hank Snow Record. (GBZ)Hank Snow Record. (GBZ)
Large Carpenters Scribe (GBZ)Large Carpenters Scribe (GBZ)
Pottery Cat figure (GBZ)Pottery Cat figure (GBZ)
Quaker State Tin (GBZ)Quaker State Tin (GBZ)
Suitcase White (GBZ)Suitcase White (GBZ)
Thermos Chrome and Bakelite ice bucketThermos Chrome and Bakelite ice bucket
Vintage Alfred Meakin Pitcher (GBZ)Vintage Alfred Meakin Pitcher (GBZ)
Vintage Box Camera (GBZ)Vintage Box Camera (GBZ)

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