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A Royal Doulton Toby Jug (GEC) D1036A Royal Doulton Toby Jug (GEC) D1036
Antique Barn Pulley (GEC)Antique Barn Pulley (GEC)
Antique Cow Bell (GEC)Antique Cow Bell (GEC)
Antique Gingerbread Clock (GEC) D1794Antique Gingerbread Clock (GEC) D1794
Antique metal bell (GEC)Antique metal bell (GEC)
Antique Rocking Chair (GEC) F1007Antique Rocking Chair (GEC) F1007
Cast Bottle Opener (GEC) D1487Cast Bottle Opener (GEC) D1487
Cast Brass Bottle Opener (GEC) D1487Cast Brass Bottle Opener (GEC) D1487
Copper Candle Holder (GEC) D1931Copper Candle Holder (GEC) D1931
Early Brown Pot with Handle (GEC)Early Brown Pot with Handle (GEC)
Early Stoneware Jug (GEC)Early Stoneware Jug (GEC)
Eddy Match BoxesEddy Match Boxes
Enamelware Pail (GEC)Enamelware Pail (GEC)
Fire King Oven bowls (Gec)Fire King Oven bowls (Gec)
Fireplace Screen Cast (GEC) D836Fireplace Screen Cast (GEC) D836
Genie Table Lighter (GEC) D0045Genie Table Lighter (GEC) D0045
Hand Blown Cranberry Vase (GEC) G400Hand Blown Cranberry Vase (GEC) G400
Marble Rolling Pin with Stand (GEC)Marble Rolling Pin with Stand (GEC)
Miniature Coke Bottle (GEC) D1874Miniature Coke Bottle (GEC) D1874
Multi Color Vase (GEC) G399Multi Color Vase (GEC) G399

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