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3 Drawer Eastlake style Dresser (RB)3 Drawer Eastlake style Dresser (RB)
3 Drawer Serpentine front Dresser (RB)3 Drawer Serpentine front Dresser (RB)
5 Drawer What Not Cabinet (RB) (W448)5 Drawer What Not Cabinet (RB) (W448)
Antique Cast metal Candle stick (RB)Antique Cast metal Candle stick (RB)
Antique Enamel Ladle (RB)Antique Enamel Ladle (RB)
Antique Small sideboard (RB) WhiteAntique Small sideboard (RB) White
C.N.R. Oil Can (RB)C.N.R. Oil Can (RB)
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Converted Radio Cabinet w/Shelves (RB)Converted Radio Cabinet w/Shelves (RB)
Gravy Boat & Plate (RB)Gravy Boat & Plate (RB)
Gumball Dispenser Machine (RB)Gumball Dispenser Machine (RB)
Harvest Table (RB)Harvest Table (RB)
Ironstone Platter (RB)Ironstone Platter (RB)
Machinist Chest (RB)Machinist Chest (RB)
Metal Basket (RB)Metal Basket (RB)
Metal Candlestick Holder (RB)Metal Candlestick Holder (RB)
Metal Toy Drum/ w sticksMetal Toy Drum/ w sticks
Metal Toy Drum/ w wood DrumsticksMetal Toy Drum/ w wood Drumsticks
Painted Side Lamp Table (RB) W586)Painted Side Lamp Table (RB) W586)
R.S. Williams & Son, Piano Plate (RB)
Sewing Drawer Cabinet (RB)(W707)Sewing Drawer Cabinet (RB)(W707)
Small antique Wall Shelf (RB)Small antique Wall Shelf (RB)
Small Corner Pocket Shelf (RB)Small Corner Pocket Shelf (RB)
Solid Metal Basket (RB)Solid Metal Basket (RB)
Spool Box with Drawer (RB)Spool Box with Drawer (RB)

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