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2 piece secretary Desk / Table (RB)2 piece secretary Desk / Table (RB)
4 Drawer Dresser With Glass Knobs (RB)4 Drawer Dresser With Glass Knobs (RB)
4 Sewing Drawer set (RB) (RB)4 Sewing Drawer set (RB) (RB)
Antique Enamel Ladle (RB)Antique Enamel Ladle (RB)
Antique Large Wooden Bucket (RB)Antique Large Wooden Bucket (RB)
Antique Wooden Bucket (RB)Antique Wooden Bucket (RB)
Barn Oil Lantern (RB)Barn Oil Lantern (RB)
Carved Wooden Bowl (RB)Carved Wooden Bowl (RB)
Cast Sewing Machine Base TableCast Sewing Machine Base Table
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Custom Made Island (RB)Custom Made Island (RB)
Desk Organizer Cubby (RB) (RB)Desk Organizer Cubby (RB) (RB)
Enamelware Funnel (RB)Enamelware Funnel (RB)
Enamelware Jelly Mold (RB)Enamelware Jelly Mold (RB)
Floral Pitcher Penny Jug Pitcher (RB)Floral Pitcher Penny Jug Pitcher (RB)
Galvanized Wash Tub (RB)Galvanized Wash Tub (RB)
Gravy Boat & Plate (RB)Gravy Boat & Plate (RB)
Gumball Dispenser Machine (RB)Gumball Dispenser Machine (RB)
Handmade Pumpkin Mat (RB)Handmade Pumpkin Mat (RB)
Ironstone 3 Piece Soap Dish (RB)Ironstone 3 Piece Soap Dish (RB)
Ironstone Coved Comb Dish As/Is (RB)Ironstone Coved Comb Dish As/Is (RB)
Ironstone Dish (RB)Ironstone Dish (RB)
Ironstone Gravy Boat Pitcher (RB)Ironstone Gravy Boat Pitcher (RB)
Ironstone Pitcher (RB)Ironstone Pitcher (RB)
Ironstone Platter (RB)Ironstone Platter (RB)

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