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Antique Enamel Ladle (RB)Antique Enamel Ladle (RB)
Antique Window Frame (RB)Antique Window Frame (RB)
Autumn Lap Quilt (RB)Autumn Lap Quilt (RB)
Box Of Eggs (RB)Box Of Eggs (RB)
Chair Parts (RB)Chair Parts (RB)
Child Maniquin (RB)Child Maniquin (RB)
Coat Rack w 3 hooks (RB)Coat Rack w 3 hooks (RB)
Decor Block HangerDecor Block Hanger
Fall Wreath (RB)Fall Wreath (RB)
Farm House Cream Table (RB)Farm House Cream Table (RB)
Farmhouse White stool (RB)Farmhouse White stool (RB)
Floral Wreath (RB)
French Handmade Pillow (Priced Ea)French Handmade Pillow (Priced Ea)
French Style Dresser W/MirrorFrench Style Dresser W/Mirror
Galvanized Bucket w/Handle (RB)Galvanized Bucket w/Handle (RB)
Gravy Boat & Plate (RB)Gravy Boat & Plate (RB)
Green Quilted Runner (RB)Green Quilted Runner (RB)
Hat Box and Hat (RB)Hat Box and Hat (RB)
Ironstone Bowl (RB)Ironstone Bowl (RB)
Ironstone Platter (RB)Ironstone Platter (RB)
Metal Basket (RB)Metal Basket (RB)
Metal Candlestick Holder (RB)Metal Candlestick Holder (RB)
Metal Coli Spring (RB)Metal Coli Spring (RB)

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