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German Eagle Head Hunting knife (JL)German Eagle Head Hunting knife (JL)
Antique Block Plane (JAS)Antique Block Plane (JAS)
Refinished Wooden plane just block(JAS)Refinished Wooden plane just block(JAS)
Refinished Wooden handle tool (JAS)Refinished Wooden handle tool (JAS)
Pry Tool Refinished Wooden Handle (JAS)Pry Tool Refinished Wooden Handle (JAS)
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Bucket Heater (JAS) NOSBucket Heater (JAS) NOS
torch with bakelite handletorch with bakelite handle
Door Latch and Lock Block (JAS)Door Latch and Lock Block (JAS)
Scale Scoop (JAS)Scale Scoop (JAS)
"KPA March" Gauge (GBZ)"KPA March" Gauge (GBZ)
Antique 27" long English Level (JAS)Antique 27" long English Level (JAS)
Bag of Scissors and clamps (JAS)Bag of Scissors and clamps (JAS)
Antique Sheep shears (JAS)Antique Sheep shears (JAS)
Antique Mystery Tool (JAS)Antique Mystery Tool (JAS)
Antique hack Saw Wooden Handle (JAS)Antique hack Saw Wooden Handle (JAS)
Antique Saw Wooden Handle (JAS)Antique Saw Wooden Handle (JAS)
Brass Torch (Fish) 820Brass Torch (Fish) 820
Brass Door Knob set (M2) 552Brass Door Knob set (M2) 552
Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1545Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1545
Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1544Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1544
Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1546Antique Blow Torch (SC) 1546
Darning tool (JAS)

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