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Antique Wooden Compass (JAS)Antique Wooden Compass (JAS)
Antique Blow Torch and Solder Iron (JAS)Antique Blow Torch and Solder Iron (JAS)
Antique Blow Torch (JAS)Antique Blow Torch (JAS)
Vintage Handles Knobs (JAS)
Antique metal scribe compass (JAS)Antique metal scribe compass (JAS)
Antique Square (JAS)Antique Square (JAS)
Aluminum toy Trailer (JAS)Aluminum toy Trailer (JAS)
Wheat train car Rolling stock (JAS)Wheat train car Rolling stock (JAS)
Royal Navy Souvenir Compass (RHA)Royal Navy Souvenir Compass (RHA)
Everyready Masterlite Flash light (JAS)Everyready Masterlite Flash light (JAS)
West Paints Ltd Yard Stick (JAS)West Paints Ltd Yard Stick (JAS)
Miniature Anvil By Record (DR)Miniature Anvil By Record (DR)
Equestrian Leather Tool (COL #1580)Equestrian Leather Tool (COL #1580)
Vintage Lufkin Tape Measure 12 ft.Vintage Lufkin Tape Measure 12 ft.
Antique Wooden Cove Plane (JAS)Antique Wooden Cove Plane (JAS)
Solid Brass Yale Lock (US2)Solid Brass Yale Lock (US2)
Candle Snuffer (GEC)Candle Snuffer (GEC)

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