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1958 Brass Bell (OH)1958 Brass Bell (OH)
Antique Brown Stoneware JugAntique Brown Stoneware Jug
Antique Round Masher (OH)Antique Round Masher (OH)
Antique Stoneware Bird Feeder CrockAntique Stoneware Bird Feeder Crock
Antique Two Tone JugAntique Two Tone Jug
Antique Two-Tone JugAntique Two-Tone Jug
Brass Bell with Leather Rope (OH)Brass Bell with Leather Rope (OH)
Industrial Wooden Shoe Forms (2) (OH)Industrial Wooden Shoe Forms (2) (OH)
Michael Aram Pumpkin Pot with SpoonMichael Aram Pumpkin Pot with Spoon
Primitive Candle Mold (OH)Primitive Candle Mold (OH)
Primitive Wood Spoon (OH)Primitive Wood Spoon (OH)
Royal Doulton Foot WarmerRoyal Doulton Foot Warmer
Small Two Toned Stoneware Crock(OH)Small Two Toned Stoneware Crock(OH)
Stoneware Jug, 2 Gallons (OH)Stoneware Jug, 2 Gallons (OH)
Strawberry Crate Carrier (OH)Strawberry Crate Carrier (OH)
Suitcase (OH)Suitcase (OH)
Two Tone Ceramic Moonshine Jug (OH)Two Tone Ceramic Moonshine Jug (OH)
Two-Tone 2 Gallon CrockTwo-Tone 2 Gallon Crock
Two-Tone Crock (OH)Two-Tone Crock (OH)
Vintage Ironstone Chamber Pot (OH)Vintage Ironstone Chamber Pot (OH)

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