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Sulfide Marble (JL)Sulfide Marble (JL)
Souvenir of Wainwright Glass Pipe (JAS)Souvenir of Wainwright Glass Pipe (JAS)
Brantford Pottery Creamer (JAS)Brantford Pottery Creamer (JAS)
Queen Quart Sealer Jar (JAS)Queen Quart Sealer Jar (JAS)
Port Rowan Dairy Milk Bottle (JEF)Port Rowan Dairy Milk Bottle (JEF)
Orange Crush Glass (JEF)Orange Crush Glass (JEF)
Royal Doulton Plate (DEB)Royal Doulton Plate (DEB)
RARE pop bottle Black Bear BrandRARE pop bottle Black Bear Brand
Brass Door Knob set (M2) 552Brass Door Knob set (M2) 552
Brass Door Knocker (M2) 126Brass Door Knocker (M2) 126
Brass Door Knocker (M2) 211Brass Door Knocker (M2) 211
Brass candle snuffer (M2)Brass candle snuffer (M2)
Ironstone Soup Bowl (ERG)Ironstone Soup Bowl (ERG)
Brass English Dinner Bell (M2) 122Brass English Dinner Bell (M2) 122
Red Glass Basket (LIND) M243Red Glass Basket (LIND) M243
Trench Art Lighter (ST)Trench Art Lighter (ST)
Jamboree USA Cow Bell (JAS)Jamboree USA Cow Bell (JAS)
Brass Bell Bond's Corners 3" (JAS)Brass Bell Bond's Corners 3" (JAS)

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