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Earthenware Crock / Jar (JAS)Earthenware Crock / Jar (JAS)
4 Gal USA Stoneware Crock (JAS)4 Gal USA Stoneware Crock (JAS)
Pottery Pitcher (JAS)Pottery Pitcher (JAS)
Davidson & Chester Kemptville (JAS)Davidson & Chester Kemptville (JAS)
Stoneware Bed Pan (JAS)Stoneware Bed Pan (JAS)
Antique Foot / Bed Warmer (JP)Antique Foot / Bed Warmer (JP)
Spongeware Pitcher (ST)Spongeware Pitcher (ST)
Stoneware BottleStoneware Bottle
2 Gal Heart Stoneware Jug (Jef) 11872 Gal Heart Stoneware Jug (Jef) 1187
Stoneware BottleStoneware Bottle
Bennington Covered Dish (JAS)Bennington Covered Dish (JAS)
W.E.Welding Jug (JAS)W.E.Welding Jug (JAS)
2 Gallon Crock (TRE)2 Gallon Crock (TRE)
2 Gal Prescott Ontario Crock (Jef)2 Gal Prescott Ontario Crock (Jef)
Flack and Van Arsdale 2 Gal Jug (Jef)Flack and Van Arsdale 2 Gal Jug (Jef)
19th Century Redware Crock (M2) #91319th Century Redware Crock (M2) #913
1 Gal Stoneware jug (BS)1 Gal Stoneware jug (BS)

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