For a pottery that can be found fairly easily, there is a bit of mystery about it and its creator. The pottery turns up in antique and thrift shops and online sites often with attributed to other spellings i.e. Theke, Tebe, etc.

Only a University of Victoria Collection site says that this pottery was made in the 1960’ to 1970’s by Ineke Vant’reit. Ineke was born in Holland and educated in Victoria.

These charming hand thrown or hand built pieces seem to have been made for the tourist market as souvenirs. Note the basket below with Stanley Park, B.C. written on it. The glazes shown below are typical. Some of the designs depict west coast botanical themes as in the dogwood handled sugar bowl.

Most pieces are marked with Victoria as the location of the pottery. There are a variety of marks - inscribed, inscribed under the glaze, stamped and with tags in all the combinations. Note the tag below depicts Ineke at her potter’s wheel.

Ineke was very prolific and these pieces are usually very reasonable to buy.

Her work is always at the Waterford Market.

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