Herta Gerz (1913-2005) was born in Germany. In 1952, Herta and her husband, Walter came to Vancouver. In 1955, they established a pottery which produced a wide range of colourful ceramics until 1967. They worked largely under the name of B.C. Ceramics where they had another partner. The pottery was in the Yaletown section of Vancouver.

Herta and Walter had a division of labour. Walter was a ceramic engineer and he looked after the technical areas - glazes, equipment.

Herta was a potter and she trained their staff and created the designs. Their work was sold by Eaton’s, Birks.


The pieces are slip cast or jiggered. The designs were mainly from the local flora such as the dogwood design below. They also did some West Coast Native designs and a Wildlife Series with walnut bases.

Shown below are a few of the marks that you will encounter. The number indicated the mould shape. 

The dogwood piece mark is painted in the glaze.

The brown vase mark has been scratched through the glaze before firing. 


The word “Vancouver” has been in the mould.

The pottery was sold to Sunburst Ceramics in Lethbridge in 1967. There are also a variety of paper labels i.e. B.C. Ceramics

Items such as these, and thousands of other pottery pieces are available at the Waterford Antique Market. 

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