I first met Peter Chan in the late 1980’s at one of the Burlington Art Centre’s Art in the Park shows. Peter was an older potter/painter from the Mississauga area. His booth was filled with these imaginative hand built creations. An amazing mix of quirky animals crafted into teapots, containers, vases, or just figurines. Many of the works display his Asian heritage. Peter did those spring and fall shows for many years.


Note the variety of marks.

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robert mclean

robert mclean

I own 4 works by this great artist
his skill and dedication to accuracy is second to none
all my works with claws or fangs are so shatp you will get cut by them

I have a demon sitting on an incense pot
this work allows the smoke to exit the demons mouth
while it holds a pot that burns in each hand to illuminate the smoke

his art was functional
and changed each time you use it
most fools left my house wen I showed them this masterpeice
not evil

I have extreem regard for such a creative mind

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