Canadian Studio Pottery – Pinecroft Pottery

The handmade, hand glazed pottery pieces pictured here are the product of Pinecroft Pottery in Aylmer, Ontario.

Pinecroft was started in May, 1948 by Jimmie Clennell (1912-1996) and his wife, Selma Caverly Clennell (1900-1994). Jimmie had gained pottery experience working before WW2 at the Medalta Potteries in Alberta. Selma, a teacher, also took craft courses at various colleges.

Jimmie was born in England and Selma was from Aylmer and her father offered them a place to create their studio. With the shortage of certain goods after the war, it took no time for the potters to establish a market for their wares. Most of the items were functional pottery such as teapots, lamp bases, jugs, cream and sugar sets (pictured), mugs, serving plates. The Clennells used a wide variety of glazes ranging across many colour combinations and some with exotic names such as “Dark Northern Lights”.

Pinecroft Pottery still continues today. It is run by Jimmie and Selma’s niece ,Brenda (Caverly) Smith and her husband, Paul. There is also a tea room/gift shop and pottery courses. Recently, Tony Clennell, their nephew and well-known potter, has moved to the area and assists the operation. Tony says the jug green jug pictured was referred to as a “Cavy” jug due to Selma’s love of the large swooping handles. In future articles, I will show you several Pinecroft pieces and their marks. There are many pieces of vintage Pinecroft Pottery pieces available at the Waterford Antique Market. Stop in and take a look! 


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