This pottery goblet dates to the early 1970’s. It was made in Campbellville, Ontario by Sheridan College graduate, Helen Beswick. Around 1967, Helen moved to the historic Crawford House in Campbellville and established a studio called “A Place with the Lions”. The studio derived its name from the antique terracotta lion statues on each side of the front door. In 1980, Helen moved to Dundas. Her involvement in ceramics has not only been in the making of work. She has given her time to the Burlington Arts Centre (now Art Gallery of Burlington) being involved with the Potters Guild and Acquisitions Committee plus the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas and Hamilton Potters Guild. She wrote a column for the Dundas newspaper for over 30 years.

Helen has used many marks over the years sometimes signing and dating a piece or an HB in a impressed in a square. The early work as below has the stamp of a lion’s paw.

This is my favourite goblet for its glaze and light weight. It is also very comfortable to hold. 

Beswick Pottery

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