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1950's Pheasant Cocktail Shaker (lor) (366)1950's Pheasant Cocktail Shaker (lor) (366)
7 UP Thermometer7 UP Thermometer
Antique Mahogany Desk (LOR) # 491Antique Mahogany Desk (LOR) # 491
Bohemian Glass Bell (LOR) 469Bohemian Glass Bell (LOR) 469
Camera Brownie Hawkeye (LOR) (341)Camera Brownie Hawkeye (LOR) (341)
Dixie Cigarette Tin (LOR) 567Dixie Cigarette Tin (LOR) 567
Dresser in Liberty Blue (LOR) 519Dresser in Liberty Blue (LOR) 519
Gossip Bench (LOR) 572Gossip Bench (LOR) 572
Pyrex casserole w/lidPyrex casserole w/lid
Queens Piper Tin (LOR)Queens Piper Tin (LOR)
Rare MCM Cigarette Case (LOR) 495Rare MCM Cigarette Case (LOR) 495
Retro Floor Ashtray (LOR) (253)Retro Floor Ashtray (LOR) (253)
Set of 4 Onyx Ashtrays (LOR) 475Set of 4 Onyx Ashtrays (LOR) 475
Vintage Ship's Decanter (LOR) 449Vintage Ship's Decanter (LOR) 449
White Horse Scotch Pitcher (LOR) 580White Horse Scotch Pitcher (LOR) 580
Wire Lever Oil Can (LOR) 123Wire Lever Oil Can (LOR) 123

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