Pottery Imperfections - Love 'Em or Leave 'Em

Here is a vintage moulded pottery jug circa 1900. It has a ribbed pattern that possibly mimics bamboo. The line across the base is part of the mould mark. This piece was made to be sold very cheaply. It has many blemishes which would cause a modern potter to blush. However, many people like the primitive look that  defects add to a piece. 

The first blemish is the crazing of the glaze. Sometimes crazing is done for a special effect. But not here. Crazing is a series of lines or cracks on the glaze surface caused by improper cooling after firing, mismatched glaze and clay body, etc.  Crazing can occur right after firing or much later. 

There is a chip on the top rim which occurred before firing. However, being a cheap production ware, the chip was gazed over and fired. 

On the side of the handle, there is a rough area which appears to be damage. It is where the jug came into contact with another piece during firing. The kilns would be closely packed to gain economic advantage. 

Even inside on the floor, there are small bits of clay that weren’t removed and glazed over.

Charming, Eh!

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