Jim Smith Pottery

This very large platter (32” long by 13” wide) is by Chester, Nova Scotia pottery Jim Smith. Jim has been a potter for three decades after graduating from the Nova Scotia School of Design  and the Banff Centre School for Fine Art. Jim is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and has won numerous awards. Jim works with an earthenware clay that he gets from the Shaw Brick Company in Lantz, Nova Scotia.

This is the clay that attracted the Lorenzen’s  to the Lantz area Many decades ago. The pieces are dipped in a creamy slip. When the slip has dried to the correct state, Jim carves his designs exposing the red clay, then applies his colours with a clear glaze is applied as the final coating. The platter below has a story engraved around the outside of the base. Jim has been in Chester since 1984. You can see more on his website.

Jim Smith Pottery


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