Norfolk's Own 133rd Battalion, CEF


Often times we get neat items in at the market.  We also come across the truly rare and intriguing items that you'd love to have known who they belonged -- to just have the opportunity to sit down with them for a conversation to find out so much more about the original owner. 

Recently, one of our vendors brought in a collection of WWI items, with a cap pin of 133rd Battalion included in the items. So I had to do some digging to find out more about this battalion, and here's what I was able to dig up. 

This unit started out in Simcoe, Ontario and eventually recruited 665 men in Norfolk County through 1915 - 1917 for WWI, and had just one commanding officer Lieutenant-Colonel A. C. Pratt.

The 133rd  sailed for England 30 Oct 1916, and was disbanded on September 17, 1917


 Watch video here. 


Want to look up a Battalion? This page is a great resource.

Let us know if you have more history on this local battalion! 


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