Ebony Wood Carvings

Even see driftwood floating by? 

You wouldn't with ebony wood.  Ebony, a black brown hardwood, is most commonly yielded by several different species in the genus Diospyros. This wood is so dense it will sink in water. when you hold it, it feels so much heavier than its sleek look suggests. That in itself is often a good indicator that it's the real deal.

But, if you dare, try to scratch it with your nail. If a piece is left on the mark, it is definitely not the real deal. ( Please don't try this at the market! ) and it has a gorgeous mirrored finish when polished. 

It has been used is some of the most exquisite artifacts in India's history, and can be almost jet black, or dark and grainy.

Some really great additional info on Ebony wood: 


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