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4 snowman pin lot (JAS)
5 Glass coaster Ducks (JAS)5 Glass coaster Ducks (JAS)
6 Brass Handles (JAS)6 Brass Handles (JAS)
6 Dark Blue Cabinet Knobs6 Dark Blue Cabinet Knobs
A barn Door Hinges. (JAS)
A large Pottery Pitcher (JAS)A large Pottery Pitcher (JAS)
A pair of Medicine bottles (JAS)A pair of Medicine bottles (JAS)
A Vintage GDR Ring Holder (JAS)A Vintage GDR Ring Holder (JAS)
Ames 282 Thickness Gauge (JAS)Ames 282 Thickness Gauge (JAS)
Amstel Beer Bar Sign (JAS)Amstel Beer Bar Sign (JAS)
Anaconda America Brass Company (JAS)Anaconda America Brass Company (JAS)
Antique Amethyst Bottle (JAS)Antique Amethyst Bottle (JAS)
Antique Beer Bottle (JAS)Antique Beer Bottle (JAS)
Antique Boot Jack (JAS)Antique Boot Jack (JAS)
Antique Brantford Pottery Creamer (JAS)Antique Brantford Pottery Creamer (JAS)
Antique Brass Map Paperweight (JAS)Antique Brass Map Paperweight (JAS)
Antique Burner (JAS)Antique Burner (JAS)
Antique Cast Horse Bit (JAS)Antique Cast Horse Bit (JAS)
Antique Chopper (JAS)Antique Chopper (JAS)
Antique Chrome Horse Bit (JAS)Antique Chrome Horse Bit (JAS)

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