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Beswick Cat (JH49)Beswick Cat (JH49)
Beswick Cat (JH49)Beswick Cat (JH49)
Beswick Dog (JH49)Beswick Dog (JH49)
Boda Glass donkey (JH49)Boda Glass donkey (JH49)
Cast Iron Nut Cracker (JH49)Cast Iron Nut Cracker (JH49)
Cast Iron Pot with Handle (JH49)Cast Iron Pot with Handle (JH49)
Ceramic BearCeramic Bear
Cocktail Shaker (JH49)Cocktail Shaker (JH49)
Cutting Board Duck (JH49)Cutting Board Duck (JH49)
Decoy Weights (JH49)Decoy Weights (JH49)
Dinky Austin Healey #109Dinky Austin Healey #109
Dinky Car Studebaker # 172 (JH49)Dinky Car Studebaker # 172 (JH49)
English Pitcher (JH49)English Pitcher (JH49)
George V Coronation mug (JH49)George V Coronation mug (JH49)
Gozo Art Glass Vase (JH49)Gozo Art Glass Vase (JH49)
Green Opalescent bowl (JH49)Green Opalescent bowl (JH49)
Handmade Pottery Bowl (JH49)Handmade Pottery Bowl (JH49)
Harper Hot oven Batter Bowl (JH49)Harper Hot oven Batter Bowl (JH49)

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