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1940's Toy Sewing Machine (DS) (1431)1940's Toy Sewing Machine (DS) (1431)
1950's Boat Decanter (DS) 14521950's Boat Decanter (DS) 1452
Antique Copper Pot (DS) 1913Antique Copper Pot (DS) 1913
Antique Shaving Mug (DS) 1872Antique Shaving Mug (DS) 1872
Art Deco Banker's Desk Lamp (DS) 1695Art Deco Banker's Desk Lamp (DS) 1695
Cast Iron (DS) 2064Cast Iron (DS) 2064
Ceramic Cat (DS) #1842Ceramic Cat (DS) #1842
Gene Autry - BaseballGene Autry - Baseball
Gilbert Porcelain Clock 1129Gilbert Porcelain Clock 1129
Golden Labs with Santa hat (DS) 2628Golden Labs with Santa hat (DS) 2628
Red Vase Canadian Made (DS) 1259Red Vase Canadian Made (DS) 1259
Tiny Brass Kettle (DS) 2008Tiny Brass Kettle (DS) 2008
Uranium Glass Vase (DS) 2059Uranium Glass Vase (DS) 2059
Vintage Jet Sleigh (DS) 1834Vintage Jet Sleigh (DS) 1834

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