A history on our building

In 1909 the Dominion Telephone Co. Built its factory in Waterford, Ontario. Once completed, this telephone factory was in business for approximately 4 years and it was closed down.

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It was proposed to the automobile manufacture Dodge bros to buy the factory for production but it was rejected because of its location.

The Waterford Antique Market began at its present location in 1999, throughout the years, the building has changed and morphed into its current state, and we look forward to keeping its authenticity and charm. 

Other history near the Antique Market

The street that runs behind the Waterford Antique Market currently - Nichol Street gets its name from the proprietor of Nichol’s Planing Mills, which were situated north of Penman’s Mills (Waterford Antique Market), near the Canada Southern Railway, now M.C.R. Depot, according to Mr. Nichols’ advertisement. The family lived in a house on the site of the present house of the Misses Erwin, corner of Church and Wellington Streets. 

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Approximately 1915 - 1917 The Dominion Telephone Factory was used for storage for the military during World War 1.  

1917, the Penmans Limited located their factory in Waterford, Ontario