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"Botanical Flora" Metal Sign (TIM)"Botanical Flora" Metal Sign (TIM)
Antique speed skates (TIM)Antique speed skates (TIM)
Antique Tractor seat (Tim)Antique Tractor seat (Tim)
Beaver Canning Jar Sealer (TIM)Beaver Canning Jar Sealer (TIM)
Beaver Canning Jar Sealer (TIM)Beaver Canning Jar Sealer (TIM)
Brown Suitcase (TIM)Brown Suitcase (TIM)
Canadian maple leaf, large 10gaCanadian maple leaf, large 10ga
Canadian maple leaf, small 10gaCanadian maple leaf, small 10ga
Coke cooler (Tim)Coke cooler (Tim)
Coronation Cup 1953Coronation Cup 1953
Hand Carved Molds (ea) (TIM) (2174)Hand Carved Molds (ea) (TIM) (2174)
handcut maple on wood standhandcut maple on wood stand
handcut metal star on wood standhandcut metal star on wood stand
handcut salvage metal moose flaghandcut salvage metal moose flag
Home Sweet Home Hanger (TIM) #1209Home Sweet Home Hanger (TIM) #1209
House molding shelf, 48"House molding shelf, 48"
metal maple leafmetal maple leaf
Moose Head Custom wall hanger (TIM)Moose Head Custom wall hanger (TIM)
Orange Fork garden utensil (tim)Orange Fork garden utensil (tim)
Orange Garden Utensil (TIM)Orange Garden Utensil (TIM)
Primitive angel with muslin dressPrimitive angel with muslin dress
Primitive sled (TIM) (1159)Primitive sled (TIM) (1159)

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