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"Princess Diana" Plate (ST)"Princess Diana" Plate (ST)
1930's Bronze Race Horse (ST)1930's Bronze Race Horse (ST)
A Royal Doulton Figurine (ST)A Royal Doulton Figurine (ST)
A Royal Doulton Figurine (ST)A Royal Doulton Figurine (ST)
Art Glass Kettle Paperweight (ST)Art Glass Kettle Paperweight (ST)
Beswick "Pickwick" England, (ST)Beswick "Pickwick" England, (ST)
Beswick Dickens Salt and Pepper (ST)Beswick Dickens Salt and Pepper (ST)
Beswick Port Barrel (ST)Beswick Port Barrel (ST)
Beswick Seagull (ST)Beswick Seagull (ST)
Beswick Sherry Barrel (ST)Beswick Sherry Barrel (ST)
Beswick Toby Cup (ST)Beswick Toby Cup (ST)
Beswick Ware Toby Mug (ST)Beswick Ware Toby Mug (ST)
Birks Mini Field Glasses (ST)Birks Mini Field Glasses (ST)
Black Cast Iron Urn (ST)Black Cast Iron Urn (ST)
Bohemian Glass Ashtray (ST)Bohemian Glass Ashtray (ST)
Brass candlesticks (Pr) (ST)Brass candlesticks (Pr) (ST)
Brass Elephant (ST)Brass Elephant (ST)
Brass Sailboat (ST)Brass Sailboat (ST)
Bronze Figure (ST)Bronze Figure (ST)
Carltonware Art Deco Ashtray (ST)Carltonware Art Deco Ashtray (ST)
Cast Iron Golfer Door Stop (ST)Cast Iron Golfer Door Stop (ST)

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