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1931 Ontario License Plate (Son)1931 Ontario License Plate (Son)
2 piece Graniteware Cup w/lid (SON)2 piece Graniteware Cup w/lid (SON)
7 Ounce Orange Crush Bottle (SON)7 Ounce Orange Crush Bottle (SON)
A Ontario License Plate 1939 (SON)A Ontario License Plate 1939 (SON)
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A vintage Suit case (Son) 3763A vintage Suit case (Son) 3763
Antique Front Desk Bell (Son)Antique Front Desk Bell (Son)
Bee Smoker (SON)Bee Smoker (SON)
Bone Handle Farriers KnifeBone Handle Farriers Knife
Cast Coat Hooks(SON)Cast Coat Hooks(SON)
Cast Iron Anchor (SON)Cast Iron Anchor (SON)
Cast Iron Door Stop (SON)Cast Iron Door Stop (SON)
European License Plate (SON)European License Plate (SON)
French Straight RazorFrench Straight Razor
Gentleman's Walking Stick (Son)Gentleman's Walking Stick (Son)
Glazed Stoneware Crock (SON)Glazed Stoneware Crock (SON)
Lace And Doily Washer (SON)Lace And Doily Washer (SON)

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