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Antique QuiltAntique Quilt
Antique Small Oak cabinet (LIV) 1201Antique Small Oak cabinet (LIV) 1201
Apple Basket With Handle (LIV) 1342Apple Basket With Handle (LIV) 1342
Babbitt's Cleanser (LIV)Babbitt's Cleanser (LIV)
Blue Ribbon Coffee tin (LIV) 1114Blue Ribbon Coffee tin (LIV) 1114
Brantford Crock W.E.Welding (LIV)Brantford Crock W.E.Welding (LIV)
Brown Crockery Bowl (LIV) 1038Brown Crockery Bowl (LIV) 1038
Chalk ware Bag Piper (LIV) 977Chalk ware Bag Piper (LIV) 977
Coca Cola Pop bottle case (LIV) 1085Coca Cola Pop bottle case (LIV) 1085
English Ironstone Pitcher (LIV) 1272English Ironstone Pitcher (LIV) 1272
Gun Powder Keg (LIV)
Honey Tin Brantford, Ontario (LIV)Honey Tin Brantford, Ontario (LIV)
King George's Navy Cut Tobacco (LIV)King George's Navy Cut Tobacco (LIV)
Match Holder (LIV) 965Match Holder (LIV) 965
Primitive Barrel With Lid (LIV) 1237Primitive Barrel With Lid (LIV) 1237
Stoker (LIV)(W688)Stoker (LIV)(W688)
Stoneware Pitcher (LIV) (939)Stoneware Pitcher (LIV) (939)
Tole Painted Match Holder (LIV) 1292Tole Painted Match Holder (LIV) 1292
Vintage Basket (LIV) (63)Vintage Basket (LIV) (63)
Vintage Tin Lunch Pail (LIV)Vintage Tin Lunch Pail (LIV)
Wall cabinetWall cabinet

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