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Antique Turquois Oil Lamp (ES)Antique Turquois Oil Lamp (ES)
Beige Needle PointBeige Needle Point
Benson Orange Toffee TIn (ES)Benson Orange Toffee TIn (ES)
Blue enamel funnel, 5.5 in diamBlue enamel funnel, 5.5 in diam
Buffalo Pottery Creamer Pitcher (ES)Buffalo Pottery Creamer Pitcher (ES)
Cast Iron "Superior" Window (ES)Cast Iron "Superior" Window (ES)
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Cast Iron Boxer Door Stop (ES)Cast Iron Boxer Door Stop (ES)
Cast Iron Toaster (ES)Cast Iron Toaster (ES)
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Ceiling Light Fixture (ES)Ceiling Light Fixture (ES)
German Nesting BoxesGerman Nesting Boxes
Gray Enamel Sauce panGray Enamel Sauce pan
Hen On Glass candy holder (ES)Hen On Glass candy holder (ES)
Johnnie Walker Whisky jug (ES)Johnnie Walker Whisky jug (ES)
Large Covered Serving Bowl (ES)Large Covered Serving Bowl (ES)
Large Meakin Ironstone Platter (ES)Large Meakin Ironstone Platter (ES)
Large Needlepoint Work (ES)Large Needlepoint Work (ES)
Mayfair Jig Picture Puzzle (ES)Mayfair Jig Picture Puzzle (ES)
ES Purse
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Pyrex Flask 4000 ml (ES)Pyrex Flask 4000 ml (ES)
Pyrex Gravy Boat with Plate (ES)Pyrex Gravy Boat with Plate (ES)

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