Make room for more!
We love to find things that fit into our collections,  teaspoons, pipes, crystal, glassware, furniture, the list goes on. What if there was a way to continue to grow your collection, but not have it perceived as yet another "piece collecting dust" and more of a focal point of your room?
Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.18.19 AM.png

I recently came across a fantastic post about doing just that.    I love the colour idea most. In a perfect world, our houses would just absorb everything so we could continue adding to our collections without a care in the world.  Space however, is always a concern, and this post helps you concentrate your efforts on great ways to display things. 

I know i'll be trying this with the next vase I find! 

Coles notes on the article?  Decorate with antiques using one of the following methods:

  1. Organize by colour
  2. Organize by collection
  3. Keep things close for conversation pieces
  4. Mix old and new items.


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