Covid Quarantine Projects

Painting & Art

Watercolours, felting, and more! Our resident artist features her stunning work in her booth, here is a glimpse below though!

 B. Boyko

B. Boyko

Watercolours by B. Boyko


Baking & Cooking

What better way to spend your time indoors then some amazing home cooked meals and scrumptious desserts?!  Seriously, the fridge is calling my name right now. 


lemon pie

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Board & Batten

If there was ever a time to get organized, it's RIGHT NOW. 

some knotty pine, not so fancy white paint, and viola! get those kids to hang their own stuff. 

We read through a LOT of tutorials first.  Seriously. Paint the wall first.  And caulk it before painting the wood. Everything looks finish, fresh & perfect. 



Everyone has a project on the back burner, but what about the piece of furniture that isn't quite cutting it ? Can you perhaps make it into something else? Another piece of updated, refreshed, and repurposed.  We love a good project. My husband, not so much. 



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