Antique Pottery – Liz & Peter Powlowski

Our Canadian Studio Pottery Series continued.



The small bird illustrated here is the work of Liz and Peter Powlowski who operated the Strawberry Hill Pottery from the 1970’s to early 1990’s. They were located in Kaministiquia, Ontario near the Strawberry Creek. This is close to Thunder Bay.

The production consists of slip cast moulded figures of the wildlife of Northern Ontario. The animals, birds, etc. are stylized and the glazes were hand painted.

The signature/mark shown is typical and often difficult to read. It is made up of an”S” over a “W” in between an “H”.

This is Strawberry Hill Werkshop.

Potter's Mark

This work is very popular among pottery collectors. There are a number of examples in the collection of the Art Gallery of Burlington. There is also book on the pottery by Wayne Pettit.