Here are some examples of other functional pottery made by Nancy. Starting at left going clockwise, an apple baker, a wall vase/planter, an integral base flower pot, a small bowl, an eggcup, and a salt rock (used to keep your salt dry). In centre, is a covered sugar/ honey pot. Nancy’s site says that her work is ovenproof and dishwasher safe. The pieces should never be used on a stovetop or in a microwave.

Here is one of my favourite types of pottery because of the simplicity and functionality of the work. Nancy Postma has operated her pottery in Hants County, Nova Scotia since 1973.Her functional work is made in both earthenware and stoneware clay. Some of the clay is native to Nova Scotia. Nancy uses five different glazes on her earthenware and four on her stoneware. Some of the glazes are referred to as oatmeal. I have found her work over the years and always wondered what all the numbers under her mark meant. Nancy supplied this answer. The first two numbers are the year, then the month, and the day of production. The last numbers are the model number. So, bottom right is 890402141 which is April 2, 1989. The 141 is the model number for her posy vases shown in the left side photo. They vary in size and glaze. Nancy now has a website.